6 Row Malt 1 lb

Item Number: 36-1001A

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Moderate malt flavor. Basic malt for all beer styles.

6-row brewer's malt has more protein and enzyme content than our typical 2-row brewers malt. 6-row brewers malt is thinner than 2-row malt and the 2-row brewer's malt has more carbohydrates. Another difference between 2-row and 6-row brewer's malt, is that 2-row brewer's malt produces a fuller, maltier flavor and 6-row brewer's malt produces a grainier flavor in the finished beer.

6-row barley is only grown in North America. Because of it's high enzyme concentration after malting, adjuncts like rice and corn can be used without causing problems during mash conversion.

All homebrew grains are sold by the pound. You also have the ability to add tenths of pound amounts.

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