American C’s Hops Sampler Pack

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C isn’t just for cookie anymore. When it comes to beer, C stands for these classically American hops, considered the cornerstones of modern American craft brewing: Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Chinook and Citra. A quintet of hops guaranteed to make any beer sing!

Loaded with citrus and pine, these uniquely American hops varieties are the driving force behind the brews that put American craft beer -- and especially West Coast IPAs -- on the map. In other words, they put the “hop” in the hop-forward styles inspiring a whole new generation of American craft beer lovers...and beer brewers.

Whether you’re a die-hard hop-head or simply appreciate the aroma and bittering these hops bring to Pale Ales, Cream Ales and all varieties of IPAs, we’ve gathered a full pound of piney, Pacific Northwest hop varieties for you to mix and match. So go ahead and get creative, complex and crafty with your very own stockpile of American C-hops!

Your Hops Sampler Pack includes:

3 oz Cascade Hops - The O.G. variety that started the hop craze in American craft beers, Cascade hops have unmistakable grapefruit citrus aroma and flavor. Perfect for late additions and dry hopping American pale, amber, and IPAs.

3 oz Centennial Hops - Turn your beer up to 11 with Centennial hops, also known as a supercharged version of Cascades. Pleasant spicy citrus aroma and clean bitterness, which make Centennial a very popular bittering hop, as well as widely used for late additions and dry hopping.

3 oz Chinook Hops -  Chinook hops have long been used by US brewers for bittering additions, but this dual-purpose hop also provides distinctive spicy, piney, resinous aromas and flavors. Used in a variety of American ales, stouts, and porters.  

3 oz Columbus Hops - Dual purpose hop with intense earthy and faint citrus character. Very pungent aroma, clean bittering properties. Great in American pale ale and IPA.

4 oz Citra Hops - Tropical fruit and strong citrus make this relatively new American hop variety a great flavor and aroma addition to your brew. High alpha and strong tropical fruit aromas and flavors (think mango, papaya, and pineapple). 

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