Bourbon Barrel Porter 1 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit

Item Number: 1G20

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Our Bourbon Barrel Porter is so good, we just had to scale it down to share with all the small batch brewers out there.

This black beauty is quite possibly perfection in a pint. It combines the elements of beer, bourbon, and oak to create an amazing array of compelling flavors. The smokiness of the toasted American oak cubes mingle with the dark flavors of the porter, while the sweet grainy and vanilla flavors of the bourbon reinforce the oak to tie everything together.

We recommend just a wee dram of fine aged bourbon to complement and enhance the flavors of oak and porter. The hardest part about making this beer as a small batch? It a small batch. The solution: make 2 batches today and stash one away because it'll just get better with age.

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