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The all-new Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil Series 2 is a single vessel, electric brewing system that lets you from 8 lbs. up to 16 lbs. of malt and boils up to 7.5 gallons with hardly any footprint. An internal sparging basket allows you to easily lift the grain out of the boiler, letting you mash and boil in just one vessel. Series 2 Mash and Boils include a new redesigned high flow basket that increases flow up to 150% and helps eliminate stuck sparges. The grain basket has also been designed to sit higher up during sparging to easily see the volume graduations. 

The new close-range digital thermostat holds the temperature precisely and can display readings in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and features an adjustable run timer, preset at 3.5 hours for safety. 

Not only does the Mash & Boil make brewing simple, but it also helps save you time as well. The delayed start timer lets you set your Mash & Boil to turn on and begin heating your sparge water up to 24 hours after setting the timer. No more watching water boil, simply come home to water ready to brew with!

Mash and Boil Series 2 also comes distilling ready. The included lid is T500 distilling ready and compatible with any of the Still Spirits Turbo 500 condensers. The vented lid should not be clamped while brewing, and should be off when boiling. Only clamp the lid when distilling to avoid steam burns.

Dimensions: 14" W x 28" H (40" H with Sparging Basket)

Mash and Boil Series 2 do not include a wort chiller. It is recommended to purchase a chiller separately to chill your wort as quickly as possible at the end of the boil for best results.

Mash & Boil Series 2 Features:

  • New: High flow basket increases flow 150% - helps eliminate stuck sparges.
  • New: Redesigned grain basket sits up high so you can easily see gallon markers.
  • New: close-range digital thermostat holds the temperature precisely (43°-218°F)
  • New: Vented lid is T500 distilling column ready
  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Construction
  • Digital Thermostat
  • External 1/2" Stainless Steel Valve
  • Mash up to 16 lbs. of malt
  • 7.5-gallon maximum capacity
  • 110 V / 1600 W - low-density heating element
  • 5' power cable

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