Brickwarmer Holiday Red Ale 1 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit

Item Number: 1G19

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Time to Brew!

This seasonal kit is only available for a limited time, September to December. So don’t miss the boat. Order now to brew and enjoy this beer during its peak season. Or you’ll be left dreaming about it until next year.

Scaled down for a small batch, this strong American red ale is built to take on the cold, boasting substantial gravity to ensure you have a happy holiday. Malty but not too sweet with just enough bitterness to balance, wee foregone the spices in favor of a distinct citrus hop profile (bolstered by real citrus!) to define this perennial holiday favorite.

The compelling copper-red hue of Brickwarmer comes from a special blend of malts- pale chocolate adds a warm, toasty dimension to the fig-and-toffee notes of authentic English caramel. This earthy and dark dried-fruit character segues into bright floral citrus from the hops and a charge of sweet orange peel at the end of the boil! It an exceptionally enjoyable pint that will be sure to please this holiday season.

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