Cherry Bomb! Hydromel

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Take a refreshing mead, infuse it with the power of an M-80 filled with ripe Bing, Lambert and Royal Anne cherries and watch the sparks fly. Clover honey explodes with semi-sweet, bright fruit flavor through a brilliant, sparkling red pint that can run circles around a Shirley Temple. Well-balanced, the 7.5% ABV finishes dry with an extra bang from champagne-like effervescence. Fit for any season, Cherry Bomb goes down as easy as a summer spritzer yet offers warmth in the waning days of early autumn.

Recipe kit yields 5 gallons.

Aroma: Mild honey sweetness in the backround, cherry aromas are most prevalent.
Appearance: Brilliant clarity with a deep red/maroon hue from the cherries.  Very short lived head when poured - highly carbonated.
Flavor: Semi-dry, very faint sweetness.  Medium to high sweet cherry flavor is dominant flavor. Slight bite to the finish from high carbonation.  Not too sweet, well balanced.  No alcohol warmth.
Mouthfeel: Light body with high carbonation.  No astringency.
Overall Impression: Enjoyable balance of delicate honey flavors, a slight sweetness, and pleasant cherry notes.

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