Chocolate Milk Stout All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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What happens when your favorite childhood indulgence grows up? It gets even better. Pour yourself a rich, frothy glass of Chocolate Milk Stout and find out for yourself. This delicious drink is DEFINITELY not for the kids.

Packed with the best ingredients, our Chocolate Milk Stout recipe kit delivers a milk stout brewed with lactose sugar for body and residual sweetness, then laced with pure cacao nibs in secondary. The lactose is unfermentable by yeast, so it adds a milky, creamy, rich sweetness and lots of body. To make it even more irresistible, we load it with exotic cacao nibs, the seeds that give us chocolate. Unrefined as they are, cacao nibs bring light fruity notes, sumptuous delicate chocolate, and hints of earth to your hand-crafted brew.

Look for an opaque ebony pint capped with dark foam and a flavor reminiscent of straight espresso laced with chocolate liqueur and sweetened with turbinado sugar. Very full-bodied, round, and filling with bittersweet hints around the edges. Excellent as a nourishing restorative or even as an ice cream topping. You're a grown-up now. You call the shots.

Yield: 5 Gallons


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