Cryo Pop™ Cryo Hops® LupuLN2® Pellets 1 oz.

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Yakima Chief Hops has pioneered the use of cutting-edge hop lab analysis techniques to create Cryo Pop™ Original Blend – a hop blend with the power to add a true “pop” of aromas and flavors in beer.

They've combined their Cryo Hops® process with their hop compound analysis technology to create Cryo Pop™ Original Blend, formerly known as TRI 2304CR Blend. This is a Cryo Hops® pellet blend that is loaded with compounds that survive harsh brewing processes including heat, fermentation, and CO2 scrubbing. By maximizing concentrations of the most impactful and complimentary hop compounds, they offer an incredibly powerful hop pellet that creates a true ‘pop’ of aromas in finished beers.

Cryo Pop™ Aroma Profile

Due to the complexities of biotransformation, the expected aroma profile of Cryo Pop Original Blend will vary depending on where in the brewing process it is used, providing brewers with a diverse array of options.

  • Active Fermentation - Peach, Pineapple, Strawberry, Guava, Mango, Orange
  • Post Fermentation - Peach, Grapefruit, Mango, Pineapple, Pine, Sweetgrass

Cryo Pop™ Usage and Applications

  • Kettle: Late additions only; early kettle additions should be avoided to prevent boiling out the intense aroma characteristics.
  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool additions are an excellent way to increase aroma and reduce trub load from large, late additions
  • Fermenter: Use in the fermenter is an excellent way to increase aroma while reducing trub loss. Cryo Pop pellets will settle out during normal conditioning and can be fined, filtered, or centrifuged as normal.

Cryo Pop™ Usage Scenarios

  • Single Hop Beers: Because Cryo Pop™ pellets have already been engineered with specific component ratios in mind, they can be used for 100% of the hop bill as an all-in-one solution for brewers desiring juicy peach, pineapple, grapefruit, and daiquiri-like aromas. They provide such powerful and dynamic aroma and flavor profiles that they can create a robust “single hop” beer with the use of one-hop blend.
  • Blend Amplifier: Cryo Pop™ pellets can be used to amplify the character of other existing hop combinations. When used as a 20-40% portion of a hop bill, Cryo Pop™ pellets will elevate levels of geraniol, linalool, esters, and polyfunctional thiols, enhancing and elevating the characteristics of other hop varieties.
  • Biotransformation: Recent research suggests that high levels of monoterpene alcohols and polyfunctional thiols in a wort stream can create the conditions necessary for the yeast metabolism of hop-derived compounds, otherwise known as “biotransformation.” Cryo Pop™ pellets are a perfect choice for loading whirlpool and active fermentation dry hop additions with these components, thus creating a dynamic environment for yeast and hops to provide maximum aroma expression

More about Yakima Chief Hops hop compound analysis.

Yakima Chief Hops has pioneered the use of cutting-edge hop lab analysis techniques to further unlock the maximum potential of aroma hops. This new technique was created by the Yakima Chief Hops Lab Team to explore the aroma potential of novel hop compounds— specifically those that survive the brewing process. The Yakima Chief Hops R&D Lab is one of the few labs worldwide with the capability to analyze hops via GC-QTOF and SCD technology in order to study previously undetectable aromatic components.

This technology allows Yakima Chief Hops to identify hop compounds that work synergistically to amplify specific flavors and aromas and have a greater potential of showing up more pronounced in the end product. The data is utilized to engineer a pellet with hop varieties that contain the most beer-soluble aromatic components—monoterpene alcohols, esters, and polyfunctional thiols. The result is a supercharged pellet that provides brewers with a dynamic solution for many applications, showing massive tropical, stone fruit, and citrus aromas.

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