Grainfather Whirlpool and Aeration Brewing Paddle

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Whirlpooling and aerating your beer are great practices for any brewer who wants to make better beer. Typically you need a lot of extra equipment, but Grainfather has designed an all-in-one solution to help you make the best beer possible. The Whirlpool & Aeration Brewing Paddle allows you to create a strong whirlpool and aerate your wort simultaneously.

The paddle has two half circle perdencilular to each other with large slots to allow air and particles to flow through. Attach the paddle to a drill to rotate in the wort.
  • 22” Long Paddle, perfect for small to large kettles
  • 5” Wide Blades for strong whirlpool and aeration
  • Designed to attach to power drill with ⅓” drill bit style end
  • 304 Stainless Steel

Whirlpooling is the action of creating a whirlpool of wort in the kettle and takes place at the end of the boil, after flame-out. By doing this the larger particles, such as hops matter, are concentrated at the bottom of the kettle. Those particles are left behind and thereby won’t clog a pump, or produce off-flavors in your primary fermentation.

Aerating is when you insert additional oxygen to your wort before yeast is added. Yeast need oxygen during the fermentation process, so the more oxygen the better.

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