Intertap Forward Sealing Stainless Flow Control Faucet

Item Number: 213-D1209

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Intertap Forward Sealing Stainless Steel Flow Control Faucet

Pour your beer with ultimate control with the Stainless Steel Flow Control Modular Faucet from Intertap. This stainless steel faucet features a forward seal and a modular, threaded spout allowing you to get a numerous uses out of one tap. By having a forward sealing mechanism, beer is retained inside the faucet instead of being drained out like with a standard rear-sealing faucet, avoiding sticky messes and making cleaning your faucet much easier as well as lowering the risk of picking up off flavors in your beer. Instead of using a floating o-ring which causes uneven pressure on the o-ring when sealing, Intertap faucets use a sliding shuttle which ensures the o-ring is seated correctly everytime. This model also features a lever allowing you control over the flow rate of your beer, giving you a variety of options to get the most out of your beer with every pour. The modular design of the spout allows you to quickly and easily disengage the existing spout. You can easily screw on a ball lock spout, a growler filling spout, or a stout spout when you need to pour something dark and delicious and switch back to the regular spout with your next keg!

Check out our options above to add a modular spout onto your order! The stout spout adds a longer spout and includes a restrictor disc on the interior. This disc creates more aeration as your beer flows through, resulting in a thick, creamy head and brings out all the rich, complex flavor of your favorite stout! The Growler Filling Spout let's you easily fill growlers and bring your beer on the go! The Ball Lock Spout is a great option for transferring beer between kegs, cleaning your serving lines, or using a counter-pressure beer filler.

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