Kilty Pleasure Irish Extract Beer Variety Pack

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Erin go Bragh!

From Celtic symbols to the shamrock, good things come in threes - especially in Ireland. Our newest 3-pack of beer recipe kits features a rainbow of quintessential Irish beers just as good as the ones you’ll find down at the local pub. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, or let’s be honest, any day that deserves a little liquid luck. 

Irish Red Ale
Irish Red ales are malty, smooth, medium-bodied, and most, like our kit, are a deep copper-red color that is created by a blend of specialty malts. Our malt blend also gives this recipe its signature toasty and sweet aroma and flavor. Another defining characteristic of Irish Red Ales are their immense drinkability - definitely a crowdpleaser beer. Its great taste, drinkability, and low aging requirements make this our best-selling kit.

Irish Blonde Ale
Rules, schmules. Rather like a foreign stout without any roasted barley; or an over-hopped albino Irish red; or overgrown American wheat taking Celtic harp lessons; or a Kölsch gone rogue and on the run from the Reinheitsgebot ... pigeonhole it if you must, but this creamy-textured, straw-gold ale begs to be judged on its own merits. Capped with a dense meringue of nose-dotting foam, the pint offers up suggestions of buttered toast, warm cereal, and a trace of fruity, herbal hops. A full body with a thick mouthfeel, more buttered toast, and fruity hops give way to a finish evenly split between malty and bitter. Serve at cellar temperature any time of year; if you really want to go nuts, keg it and dispense with beer gas through a stout faucet!

Dry Irish Stout
Arguably Ireland’s most famous export, dry stout has a loyal following all over the world. Our kit has a pronounced roasty, coffee-like flavor and aroma, imparted by a generous helping of roasted barley. Hop bitterness enhances the dryness, and the medium body makes for a very drinkable dark beer. This is one of the most popular styles among homebrewers; after a few pints, you’ll understand why. 

Sláinte mhaith!

Note: Kilt is not required but is highly encouraged for brew day. Kilt is not included with purchase. 

Save even more on Kilty Pleasure Irish Beer Variety Pack when purchasing yeast and priming sugar options at the same time!

We've bundled the yeast needed for each kit into convenient packages for you, just pick your favorite brand.

Include a priming option with your Kilty Pleasure Irish Beer Variety Pack at the same time and save more.

  • Priming Sugar 3 Pack includes three 5oz packages of Priming Sugar.
  • Fizz Drop 3 Pack includes three 8oz packages of Fizz Drops.

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