Mighty Axe Hops™ Sampler Pack

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Mighty Axe Hops is Minnesota’s hop farm that is farmer-owned and operated. At 80 acres of hops, Mighty Axe is the largest hop farm in the entire center of the country. With state of the art on-farm picking, drying, pelleting, and packaging Mighty Axe Hops is a leader in the new-school of hop farming focused on aroma, quality, and terroir (terroir is the name for the effect of growing location on flavor of a food). Northern Brewer partnered with Mighty Axe Hops because of the genuine passion and care given to each variety of their unique pellet hops. The hands-on care they put towards their craft will produce stand out homebrewed beers for you right now.

Try their custom processed, Minnesota-grown varieties today with this unique, flavorful selection of classic American hop varieties. These hops are customized for brewers to produce the best flavor and aroma each variety can offer through growing, harvesting and processing in hands on, non-traditional way. Our brewmasters and commercial brewers alike can taste the difference of these new school flavor and aroma hops.

Your Hops Sampler Pack includes:

  • 6 oz. Minnesota Grown Tropica - Tropica is one of the most intense aroma hops to come out of Minnesota. Mighty Axe Hops’ Minnesota grown Tropica piles on the pineapple and tropical fruits. A Chinook hop at heart, the terroir of MN soils plus Mighty Axe’s custom growing practices create Tropica’s distinct tropical character. Featured heavily in a local Minnesota brewery's Terroir Series, Tropica is the go-to hop for juicy, pineapple forward hop flavor.
  • 4 oz. Minnesota Grown Julius - Julius is one of Mighty Axe Hops’ house varieties. Minnesota grown Julius is an aroma hop powerhouse bursting with ripe, sweet orange, mandarin and peach flavors. Local Minnesota breweries are flaunting these flavors in hazy IPAs. Through the influence of Minnesota’s soils and growing climate, known as terroir, plus Mighty Axe Hops’ custom harvesting practices Julius is transformed Cascade that brews clean modern, aroma forward IPAs, juicy hazy pale ales, or as a burst of fruit on top of a sour. Be among the first to brew up a Julius hopped IPA!
  • 4 oz. Minnesota Grown Comet - Grown in Central Minnesota, these Comet hops are complex and unique enough to be the feature hop in several local MN brews. Although the Comet hops boasts a fairly high alpha acid, this hop strain is much better suited for flavor and aroma additions. The big and brilliant tangerine aroma is the star of these Comet hops.
  • 2 oz. Minnesota Grown Triple Pearl - Triple Pearl is a newer release from the USDA’s hop breeding program bred to blend noble hop spice characteristics with American hop citrus notes. Mighty Axe Hops Minnesota grown Triple Pearl presents complex aromas of black pepper, cedar/sandalwood, and floral perfume. Triple Pearl is the hop for pilsnerds, lager-lovers, and traditionalists alike.

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