Italian Nebbiolo Wine Kit - Master Vintner® Winemaker's Reserve®

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Ready to savor the taste of success? It’s yours for the making with Master Vintner Italian Nebbiolo Recipe kit.

Developing a nose juxtaposed with tar and floral notes, the Nebbiolo has long been regarded as one of Italy’s oldest and most important grape varietals. Its highly tannic structure in its youth makes it a wine that can support years of aging in dark oak extremely well, perhaps more so than all other red wines. As Nebbiolo ages, the bouquet becomes more complex and appealing, creating other aromas such as dried fruit, leather, licorice, mulberries, spices and herbs.

Food Pairings: The full-bodied wine holds ample amounts of tannin, which pairs well with ribeye steak, beef tenderloin and roast turkey. The aromas of tar and roses balance out creamy, funky cheeses such as burrata, parmigiano, or goat cheese. Fatty, rich, and buttery foods will help balance the high tannins of this strong, flavorful wine.

Yield: 6 Gallons | Body: Full | Oak: Dark | ABV: 12.9%

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