Northern Brewer Bottle Capper

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The Northern Brewer Bottle Capper is the first and last capper you'll ever need, designed to be invincible. We took the traditional double-lever capper, reinforced every joint, used stronger plastic, and tossed, tested, twisted, trampled and literally walked all over our prototypes to deliver you a soldier who will stand reliably by your side whether your home brewing career will bear 5 batches or 5,000.

Intuitive handling, robust spring-loaded arms and a handy cap-grabbing magnet ensure your best bottling days are ahead of you, while the standard plates can be easily swapped around to enable use of the Northern Brewer capper with 29mm European caps.

Home brewers go through a lot with their first capper. The simple tool we rely on most when investment and anticipation are at their peak, sealing an epiphany inside the first unlabeled brown glass beer bottle for only a few weeks until you pop the top, take your first sip of your first batch and realize that, this home brewing thing, you can do it!

It stands by your side through the good and the bad, the learning curve and the experiments, the extract education and your evolution into all-grain. And all the while, each and every bottle is crimped between the trusty wings of your handy capper. Until the day it breaks.

We decided that losing your first bottle capper is a heartbreak that no home brewer should have to go through. Built to withstand the pressures of a bottling line, the Northern Brewer capper is fast, furious, easy to use and will never, ever, ever break. It is certain to prove deserving of a hard-earned place in bottling days for generations to come.

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