Omega Yeast OYL-404 Star Party™ Yeast

Item Number: OYL404

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Star Party Ale is the latest patent-pending strain in Omega's Thiolized™ series. The Thiolized process enhances the ability of yeast to unlock thiol precursors bound within malt and hops to create the kind of tropical character associated with Southern Hemisphere hops. Star Party is designed to enhance thiol biotransformation while retaining the clean fermentation profile and clarity of its parental strain, West Coast Ale I (OYL-004). This latest Thiolized strain will add a big burst of thiols that’s perfect for redefining classic styles, juicing up a West Coast IPA, or creating a unique style that highlights the thiol potential of regional hops and malt. Learn more about biotransformation here.

Star Party Yeast Characteristics:

  • Temp Range: 60-73°F
  • Attenuation: 73-80%
  • Flocculation: Medium-Low
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11% ABV

Available only in the US, while we would love to make these strains available internationally, many countries' regulations do not yet allow the sale of organisms developed using modern gene-editing, regardless of the type of modification introduced by the technique.

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