Omega Yeast OYL-402 Cosmic Punch™ Yeast

Item Number: OYL402

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Omega Yeast's Cosmic Punch (OYL-402) is the first strain released as a part of their Thiolized™ series. Thiolized™ process enhances a yeast’s natural ability to biotransform compounds found in malt and hops to unleash thiols that evoke grapefruit, passion fruit, and guava aromas reminiscent of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Southern Hemisphere Hops. The parental strain, British V (OYL-011), is a staple for making hazy New England IPAs but is now capable of producing significantly enhanced tropical aromatics while maintaining the well-known characteristics of the original strain, allowing you to pack even more desirable aromas into each pint.

 Cosmic Punch Characteristics:

  • Temp Range: 64 - 75°F
  • Attenuation: 71 - 75%
  • Flocculation: High
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

Available only in the US, while we would love to make these strains available internationally, many countries' regulations do not yet allow the sale of organisms developed using modern gene-editing, regardless of the type of modification introduced by the technique.

Read more on the background of this unique yeast style in our article Introducing Omega Yeast's Cosmic Punch™: A Thiol-Boosting Version of British V.

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