SafAle US-05 American Ale Dry Yeast

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The quintessential dry American Ale strain which produces well-balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very clean, crisp palate. Forms a firm foam head and presents a very good ability to stay in suspension during fermentation. Ideal for American beer types and highly hopped beers.

Safale US-05 is a dried American Ale strain with fermentation properties resembling that of Wyeast 1056 (American Ale) or White Labs WLP001 (California Ale).  Sedimentation is low to medium, and final gravity is medium.

Yeast Features:

  • Recommended Fermentation Temperature: 64–74F 
  • Attenuation: 78–82%
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 9-11%

Perfect strain to ferment:

  • American Pale Ales
  • IPAs; American IPAs, Black IPAs, Red IPAs, Brown IPAs, Rye IPAs, Glitter IPAs 
  • Double IPAs, Imperial IPAs, DIPAs
  • Triple IPAs
  • American Porters
  • American Stouts
  • Blonde Ales
  • Imperial Stouts
  • American Barleywines
  • Pre Prohibition Porters
  • Cream Ale
  • Any American Beer Style


Till now, in the beer world, you had to take great care of yeasts prior to pitching. You had to rehydrate and acclimatize them while watching water and must temperature carefully.

With E2U™ active dry yeasts, you can pitch directly or rehydrate; depending on your equipment, habits, and feelings. Fermentis offers you the opportunity to make your life easier and eventually contribute to sustainability by saving water and energy. Any process you choose, we will be happy to ensure you the highest standards of quality, productivity, and security.


Looking to brew a NEIPA? Fermentis offers 3 great strains for brewing New England IPAs. Check out Fermentis New England IPA Yeast Strains post for more info on NEIPA style.

SafAle S-33 has the juiciest character and allows the release of intense hop tropical notes. 

SafAle K-97 has the greenest, herbal and citrus side of the hop character.

SafAle S-04 releases more stone fruit notes and citrus character.

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