Sierra Madre Pale Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit

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Decidedly clean, firmly hoppy, and drinkably bitter. More than any other, this widely-imitated ale is responsible for bringing craft beer into the national consciousness and re-introducing America to real beer. Now it's a classic. And thanks to the fresh ingredients and expert know-how packed into this recipe kit, it's a classic you can brew and enjoy at home.

All of you out there currently enjoying that chocolate Bourbon-barrel-Brettanomyces continuously-wet-hopped Imperial black IPA, take a moment and say a silent "thank you" to the humble West Coast American Pale Ale. Sure, it might seem tame to your 21st century craft beer sensibilities and overloaded palate, but back when Northern Brewer was four dudes and a 20-foot storefront, this style was considered "extreme" beer -- and it's still going strong.

This isn't an ale that feels the need to jump up and down and scream for your attention. It's cooly confident you'll come looking for it when you're ready to appreciate the understated, so-much-more-than-basic beauty of a true classic.

From Chico, California to all points of the compass, whether you're pairing it with Mexican, burgers and fries, or just conversation, there's always a good time and a place for Sierra Madre Pale Ale.


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