Spunding Valve with Gauge

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Spunding valve is a must-have for fermenting under pressure or transferring under pressure. A Spunding Valve is used to adjust and release pressure on a pressure-capable fermenter, such as a Unitank. It can also be used to release pressure from a keg while filling or filtering. The relief valve can be adjusted to release pressure from 0-15 psi.

Pressure Fermentation
Pressure fermentation is becoming all the rage in homebrewing, across all levels and proven to significantly reduce esters and levels of diacetyl. But in order to do it accurately and safely, you need a way to release built up pressure. You'll pressurize your vessel to your desired psi, but once fermentation begins and the yeast get to work creating CO2, the pressure inside the vessel will increase. Attach a spunding valve and set it to your desired pressure, and it will blow off when it goes above the set psi and close when it's back to your desired psi.

Pressure Transfers
You may have done pressure transfers from keg to keg during filtering or after fining. While pressure transferring, it's a good idea to have a bit of head pressure in the receiving keg, especially if you're transferring beer that is already carbonated. Having a spunding valve in place will allow you to control the pressure and give you more consistent results, without losing carbonation in the process and creating a foamy mess.

Additional Uses:

  • Fix over carbonated beer.
  • Leak test Kegs.
  • Natural Carbonation in Keg.

Spunding Valves should never be used as the main prv. Every vessel that is under pressure should have a primary prv set in accordance with the manufacturer. Northern Brewer Spunding valve should only act as a secondary prv, and should only be used within the safety limits of the vessel.

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