Still Spirits Air Still Infusion Basket

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The Still Spirits Air Still Infusion Basket is a stainless-steel basket suitable to infuse distillates with botanicals such as juniper, lemon, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, chili, or other flavoring ingredients. The basket is easily attached to the underside of the Air Still lid by aligning the indentation on the basket with the nodes on the lid. Combine the Infusion Basket with Copper Saddles and turn the Air Still into a small batch Pot Still. 

To prevent botanicals from being stuck within the cooling coils and causing unwanted pressure build-up Still Spirits has the following tips.

  • Use a muslin cloth, hop bag, or tea bag when using small botanical materials such as dried herbs and spices.
  • Use plant material that is larger than the hole under the lid i.e. larger than 1cm in diameter.
  • We do not recommend turning the top of the Air Still upside down when inserting the basket. Make sure no material falls into the hole. 


Distilling alcohol without permits or licensing is illegal in many countries, including the United States. Stills can also be used to produce essential oils, vinegar, purified water and engine fuel (requires permit in USA). It is the customer's responsibility to research their local, state, and federal laws and abide by those laws. Northern Brewer is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by either misuse or unlawful use. 
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