Tapcooler Nanocanner™ - Counter Pressure Can Filler

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The Tapcooler revolutionized counter-pressure filling your bottles, and now they've done the same thing for cans! Introducing the Tapcooler Nanocanner™ Counter Pressure Can Filler! This product comes with all the items you need to counter pressure fill your cans of homebrew (works with standard 202 end cans). All you need is your beer, some cans and lids, and a can seamer.

Counter Pressure filling is the #1 way to fill cans of your homebrew, directly from your kegging system. Fill cans for that hiking trip, vacation, or just a few to send home with friends and family. The Tapcooler is quick and easy to use and will help maintain the flavor, aroma, and carbonation level of your beer so it tastes the same out of the can as it would out of the tap.

Tapcooler Nanocanner Setup & Use

The included beer valve connector allows you to hook up directly to your corny keg, and the drain tube allows for any excess beer filling to be redirected from the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) to another vessel such as a growler or bucket. Connecting your CO2 line is also a snap. The complete kit includes the Tapcooler gas ball lock adapter which gives you the ability to attach a gas (grey) disconnect directly to the filler unit. The telescoping connection tube allows you to fill cans of various sizes (still requires standard 202 ends). The filler features a push-button CO2 purge valve which allows you to purge the can of oxygen before & after filling. It also includes an adjustable pressure relief valve, giving you the ability to change the filling speed. The pressure relief valve also acts as an overflow port for excess beer/foam to escape when filling.

One of our favorite features of the Tapcooler is that is super easy to clean. Cleaning other fillers can be a chore and take lots of time. The Tapcooler comes apart easily and allows you to clean all parts effectively and easily after each use. All metal parts that come into contact with your beer, are made of stainless steel (SS304). The barb and ball lock CO2 adaptors are made of aluminum.

Tapcooler Nanocanner Includes:

True Counter Pressure Filling

A counter-pressure filler is better than most solutions, as the can is under pressure while the carbonated beer flows in. Because the interior of the can is pressurized there is minimal loss of the CO2 in solution. With the Tapcooler design, your beer and CO2 are filled from the bottom of the can through the telescoping connection tube. First CO2 flows down into the bottom of the can to flush from the bottom up. Next, you open the beer valve beer flows down the same tube, filling from the bottom up. The result is a more effective purging of oxygen and little to no foam during the filling process.

Nanocanner Swivel, Seal, and Hold Can Attachment

The Nanocanner features an easy-to-use can attachment that not only seals the can but also holds it in place so you can fill hands-free! Simply lift the can into the attachment until it hits the seal, then move the swivel lock from right to left and you're all set. Now you can start filling!

Interlink for Multiple Filling Heads

Need more than one filler for your operation? Simply buy as many complete kits, and you can interlink the brackets for a clean and easy setup. Make it into a double, triple, or even a quadruple filler!


DOES NOT INCLUDE can(s) and a can seamer.

Only works with standard 202 end cans.

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