Tapcooler Intertap Connection Tube

Item Number: 43740

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Give yourself more flexibility and range when bottling from an Intertap faucet with the Tapcooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler! This extension tube has an Intertap faucet adapter that screws directly into the Intertap faucet on one end, and the other end hooks up to the Tapcooler unit so you can have a range of motion for bottling away from the faucet. This is a small 11 in. extension tube that gives you just a little more versatility in range for bottling! A small silicone o-ring is provided to seal the connection between the filler unit and the connection hose.

Attachments are made from Stainless Steel and connected by food grade beverage tubing.

Faucet and Tapcooler Counter Pressure Filler not included.

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