WLP060 American Ale Blend - White Labs Yeast

Item Number: YP060

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This blend celebrates the strengths of California - clean, neutral fermentation, and versatile usage. It adds two other strains that belong in the same "clean/neutral" flavor category. The additional strains create complexity to the finished beer, and will taste more lager-like than just WLP001. Hops flavors and bitterness are accentuated, but not to the extreme of WLP001. Slight sulfur will be produced during fermentation.

Apparent attenuation: 72-80%.

Flocculation: medium-high.

Optimum temp: 68°-73° F

NOTE: During summer months, we include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeast orders. However, it is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will stay frozen given transit times and particularly hot temperatures. For this reason, we recommend ordering dry yeast during summer months.

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