Wyeast 1768 English Special Bitter Yeast - Seasonal Limited Release

Item Number: Y1768

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Wyeast 1768 English Special Bitter Yeast

Similar to Wyeast 1968, but slightly less flocculent. Wyeast 1768 ESB yeast produces light fruit ethanol aroma. Mild malt with a neutral soft finish. A great yeast for malt predominate ales. Produces light fruit and ethanol aromas along with soft, nutty flavors. Exhibits a mild malt profile with a neutral finish. Bright beers are easily achieved without any filtration. It is similar to the 1968 London ESB Ale but slightly less flocculent.

Seasonal availability only.

Wyeast 1768 English Special Bitter Yeast Characteristics:

  • Temp Range: 64-72°F
  • Attenuation: 68-72%
  • Flocculation: High
  • ABV Tolerance: 9%

Wyeast 1768 English Special Bitter Yeast Recommended Styles/Recipe Kits:

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*NOTE:*During summer months, we include complimentary ice packs will all liquid yeast orders. However, it is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will stay frozen given transit times and particularly hot temperatures. For this reason, we recommend ordering dry yeast during summer months.

More about Wyeast Q3 Private Collection: Session Season

They’re not too bitter, not too hoppy, not too malty. Wyeast's Summer Private Collection: Session Season strikes the perfect balance; Low ABVs but highly refreshing and full of flavor.

Brew up a pale, refreshing, and hoppy ale with plenty of malt, making for a well-balanced, easy-drinking beer with 1087-PC Wyeast Bohemian Ale Blend. Or, opt for a different take on summer-sippers; brew a luscious London Brown Ale with 1768-PC English Special Bitter for a sweet finishing beer with notes of caramel and toffee, or an elegant Witbier with subtle fruit characters and a hint of spice from 3463-PC Forbidden Fruit.

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