Homebrewing 302: Advanced All-Grain - Step Mashing - Video Course

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This Northern Brewer University online video course introduces homebrewers to the advanced all-grain technique of step mashing, sometimes referred to as temperature step mashing or multiple step mashing. In a step mash, the temperature of the mash is raised to achieve multiple temperature rests; this utilizes enzymes in a way that is much different than the more typical single-infusion mash.

Instructor Brad Segall explains how it works and for which recipes the method is most appropriate. See the complete process as he demonstrates how to preform a step mash using a cooler as a mash tun and using a kettle with false bottom as a mash tun.

Note: This course is an advanced all-grain class. If you are brand new to all-grain brewing, you might be interested in Homebrewing 301: Homebrewing the All-Grain Way as an introduction or prerequisite to this step mashing course.

Total running time: approx. 29 minutes plus quizzes and supplemental reading. Once you have purchased this course, you may watch it as many times as you like.

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What's Included:

Chapter 1: Course Introduction and Step Mash Overview

  • Lesson 01: Course Introduction
  • Lesson 02: Step Mash Overview

Chapter 2: A Deeper Look at Step Mashing

  • Lesson 01: Key Terms and Vocabulary
  • Lesson 02: Single-Infusion Mash vs. Step Mash
  • Lesson 03: More About Enzymes
  • Lesson 04: When to Consider a Step Mash

Chapter 3: Step Mash Demonstrations

  • Lesson 01: Before Your Brew- Planning & Equipment
  • Lesson 02: Step Mashing in a Cooler
  • Lesson 03: Step Mashing in a Kettle
  • Lesson 04: Coolers vs. Kettles (Pros & Cons)

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting

  • Lesson 01: Additional Resources
  • Lesson 02: Course Evaluation Survey

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Included Supplemental Reading & Files

  • Key Terms & Vocabulary
  • Northern Brewer Roggenbier Recipe - Cooler Version
  • Northern Brewer Roggenbier Recipe - Kettle Version
  • Featured Equipment & Ingredients

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