Home for the Holidays Winter Extract Beer Variety Pack

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The Best Beers to Pair with the Holidays!

Happy Holidays! During this time of giving, we’re bringing you our new Home for the Holidays variety pack of Winter beer recipe kits. This year more than ever, we’re encouraging you to stay home and enjoy your beer by the fireplace - the kit includes a special edition barleywine.

Sasquatch Barleywine - Exclusive to Home for the Holidays Variety Pack
Found only in folklore, and this 3-pack bundle, our barleywine clone is modeled after a strong and robust cult-classic with the refined intensity of a wine. As big as the cryptid creature itself, Sasquatch Barleywine really packs a wallop. With an ABV over 9% and IBUs nearing 100, this recipe produces an intense sipping experience. Loads of fermentables and a healthy dose of caramel malt create a wonderfully full body and huge depth of malt nuances, while hearty quantities of classic American hops create sensations of firm bitterness with waves of grapefruit citrus, floral earthiness, and pine flavors. Be sure to let this one lurk in the cellar, the flavors will meld with time.

Permafrost White IPA
This complex and hoppy brew will help you to navigate the doldrums of seemingly never-ending winters. Developed with the pioneering spirit of American brewers, this White IPA recipe melds old world tradition with the hoppy boldness of an American IPA. At first glance, this beer is as white as the frozen tundra, but upon closer scrutiny, tall drifts of American hop flavor and aromas abound. A traditional witbier grain bill and yeast strain coupled with West Coast American hops yields a wonderfully complex India White Ale beer kit. A slight spice and tartness from the yeast intermingling with citrus notes from abundant hop additions complement the silky smooth body created by flaked oats and unmalted wheat. Stay frosty my friends!

Festivus Miracle Holiday Ale
Feats of strength! Airing of grievances! The infamous aluminum Festivus pole! This miraculous pint of ale is a tradition for Festivus holidays to come. It's mildly spiced, yet packed with sufficient ABV to ensure winter-time glory. Beneath its mountain of snowy froth lies the garnet-hued elixir of celebrations to come. A glint of orange peel invigorates the senses, cascading into a full-bodied pillar of Festivus ale. Adornments of holiday spice warm the nose as delicate hints of stone fruit, raisin and caramel wrestle for center stage. Toasty malt adds complexity to the impressive mouthfeel for a comforting, prolonged finish.

Save even more on Home for the Holidays Winter Variety Pack when purchasing yeast and priming sugar options at the same time!

We've bundled the yeast needed for each kit into convenient packages for you just pick your favorite brand and save even more.

Include a priming option with your Home for the Holiday Variety Pack at the same time and save even more.

  • Priming Sugar 3 Pack includes three 5oz packages of Priming Sugar.
  • Fizz Drop 3 Pack includes three 8oz packages of Fizz Drops.

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